About us

Classic Homes Realtors & Developers has anchored itself as value added plotted land development ,real estate & land procurement for the last 20 years & because of our exceptional services and skilled professionals we have assisted corporates, Individuals , & NRI in making informed decisions when it comes to buying ,selling & leasing property and land parcels.

Where you need a professional with knowledge as well as integrity who will give you the right inputs that�s where we step in Classic Homes Realtors & Developers.

Our Inspiration

Mustafa Kachwala, who formerly was a registered broker of EAAP (Estate Agents Association Of Pune) as well as NAR INDIA in Wanowrie is now the esteemed proprietor of Classic Homes. Having an experience of 20 years, Mustafa has been associated with reputed builders of Pune like Clover Builders, Panchshil, Karia Builders, Goel Ganga, VTP,Dynamic , Godrej,and Vascon to name a few. So what made him such a great inspiration for the budding realtors? Here is a page from his success story:

"The turning point of my life was when I became a Land Developer from a Realtor. I still remember the time when my cousin took me to his farmhouse in Garade which is around 16km away from Pune NIBM Jyoti Hotel. I was very fascinated by his farmhouse. When he told me that there were more such plots available in the vicinity, I saw it as a great opportunity for my clients to make their dream get-away homes by investing in these plots. I also saw it as a great opportunity for me to invest and burgeon as a land developer as there were many future prospects such as ring road and international airport in Purandar District. This was how 52 Green Hills came into existence. 7 Wonders followed shortly after that. I got great recognition in both the projects which drove me to plan for expanding in that area as well as in other areas like Khed, Shivapur and Shirwal.

This is how I started with my journey and there is no looking back now. Our main focus is providing NRI Clients with the best investment in any of the real estate sectors such as Residential, Commercial, Land, Pre-leased proposals, etc and also helping them get the best rates for pre-launch bookings.

Today, Classic Homes provides its clients with a good team of legal advisors along with a CA who can guide them with proper documentation and tax implications. Not only that, it also has a staff that handles matters relating to properties for NRI right from depositing the rent to renewing the agreements along with other services like property tax payment, maintenance, electricity bills, etc. I believe that our clients should find everything at one stop and should be provided with exceptional services!"

Mustafa Kachwala has been lauded by Panchshil Towers for his valuable contributions. Classic Homes is also the preferred channel partner of CLOVER BUILDERS,and many more .. With all these achievements in hand, one can only be assured that his investments are in the right hands!

Our Values

Classic Homes is inculcated with a respect for their clients. It believes in patience, persistence, honesty and honouring the commitments.

Mustafa Kachwala is currently working and promoting dynamic builders in South of Pune because he believes that we rise by lifting others.

On being asked about the principles that he follows in life, Mustafa Kachwala put forward his thoughts beautifully:

"The mantra that I follow is always thinking about the benefits of my clients more than mine because if they earn, I will earn and that's the kind of symbiosis I look for. I don't like to compromise with the amount of dedication, passion and commitment I put in my work. I like to be transparent with my investors because that establishes a trust which develops into a bond which I intend to keep and in return, their appreciation is my incentive."

Why Us

  • Knowledge
  • Legal
  • Team work
  • Right investment portfolio
  • NRI Assistance


To provide our clients with fresh modern classy and innovative space solutions that will give them a new sense of life & make it better and more beautiful for every creation .

To acquire more land and create a eco friendly environment with weekend homes to get the best of customers statisfaction where they get value for money.

Business is not about hardwork you have to invest in relationships as well.


Our goal is to exceed our customers expectations to keep them delighted for generations to come.

Top quality creation after creation that is our mission .