Why Invest in Land

The Big Question

How can you build wealth over the next seven year? For in a time of of market volatility in a time When even experts get it wrongs, is this really possible?

What if you had access to an investment that secures your capital, is not as volatile as stock, is Inflation proof, beats even the best mutual fund over time � And is available to you today in a way That suits your budget?

Land as an Investment

Investment Avenues Returns Volatility Risk
Real Estate High Low Low
Stock Market High Very High Very High
Bond/Notes Moderate Moderate Low
Bank Deposits Moderate Low Low
Precious metals High Moderate Low

An investment that has stood the test of time

A Simple look at our planet will tell us why The earth is covered by 71% water, which less than one-sixth (16%) is habitable, so where is the land to live� Particularly in countries like india where population is rising, and one can expect the number to cross 1.4 billion by 2025 Add to this that we will have 28% of the world�s working population by 2020, and are going to need massive infrastructure to support them. All of this is going to make land an asset that will be increasingly scarce and immensely valuable, and a must for anyone who wants to ride on the Indian Economic Growth Story that is attracting billions of investment dollars, and will create wealth for those who wisely invest in land today.


With Current population crossing 1.22 billion
Source : http//gadgetwe.com/2010/world-population-clock-gadget
And poised to be 1.40 billion by 2025 surpassing China
Source: US Census Bureau

Working Population

India to have 28% of global working population by 2020 where as china to have only 5%

Source : UN Population Division : Medium Variant

Between 2010-2030,India will add 241 million people in working-age population

Source :UN

Per Capita Income

Per Capita Income to go up by around 40% in the next five years

Savings rate in india is poised to go up to 40% by 2015 when compared to 34% as in 2010

Source :IMF, TradingEconimics.com

And there is more to this investment

For starters, no other asset class given you this much control over the aspects of making or Keeping money.Here, you can choose or hold , employ this asset for leverage.

Add to this creativity � plenty of ways to raise value through development, and low volatility This asset f class weathers market ups and downs better, making investing here a whole Lot easier on your emotions.

What�s more, companies, technologies and even industries may die, but land never gets Obsolete. As population and infrastructure/accessibility increase, demand increases , which Turn drives up prices.

Land : the basic requirement for all type of industries